Focus coaching

Focus is the key. Individual coaching sessions engage in the mixture of a strong physical performance and mind development.


Focus coaching parts from defining your values, better your physical condition, as well as your concentration and your ability to be present. Through physical, breathing and relaxation exercises we will work towards a more focused you. Trainings will start with light and controlled movements, followed by a tougher strength training, and ending with some breathing exercises to bring the mind and body into a calm state. 

Why Focus coaching?


This kind of coaching is for you if you feel stressed out, wanting to better your fitness condition and you simply cannot find time to train. You will learn how to set your values in order to make informed decisions in life, and thus use time more efficiently and effectively. My aim is to help you build a better you by training your body and your mind alike. 


If you feel like you can improve your life quality with exercise, contact me!


by Mikko Laitinen

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