When a person is inspired to do something it will do anything in its power to achieve it. 


My name is Mikko Laitinen and I will help you develop a passion for physical activity and enjoy its multiple benefits. Furthermore, I will give you the tools to build a less stressful life, recover quicker, and raise your performance levels to a place where you never thought possible.  


I am from Finland’s metropolitan area, to be more specific from a town called Klaukkala. After elementary and middle school I moved to Myyrmäki, Vantaa to obtain an undergraduate degree in Security. Back then, I was still unsure about what I wanted to do, but I had practiced Taekwondo from the age of 7 and was looking for an opportunity to train and to upgrade my self-defense skills.


Shortly after, I realized it wasn’t the kind of industry I wanted to be a part of. Physical exercise was not a part of the job, work felt unchallenging, and the clientele was not happy to see me (he, heh)

Around the same time, in the Spring of 2013, I drove myself into a spiral of injuries and burnout from overtraining. Taking a long break from exercise did not do any good for the body nor the mind. It was though to go from an extremely active lifestyle to an involuntary break. My mental and physical condition deteriorated significantly. After 3 months, my mind was still in recuperation mode, but I dragged myself anyways to Taekwondo training. I had decided to become Finland’s best TKDist. 


I started working hard towards my goal. About half a year later I was already competing against the best in Finland’s most prestigious competition and won. I was so excited that I started to work even harder and harder, pushing my body’s limits carelessly. I managed to injure myself during my first competition of the year. This was the beginning of a long journey of rehabilitation for my ankle ligaments.  


Pain and immobility became the norm for many months until I decided to try a physiotherapy session. It turned out to be the best thing I could do! After the first visit, I got relief and slowly my leg started to feel normal. 


During that same year, I was completing my military service and borrowed a book from the library that talked about, anatomy, the athlete’s practice, and the injuries and recoveries related to it. I immediately knew I wanted to specialize in exercise and physiotherapy. Almost as soon as I started my studies, I realized that I had found my passion.

My company’s name is FOCUS PRFRMANCE. It englobes the needs, knowledge, and necessities that I have found to be the most important during physical activity and life in general. My biggest and best strength is my ability to focus and it can be yours too! 


When I am in focus I forget less and I perform better. A lack of focus affects directly on stress levels. Everyone knows it is easier to complete tasks when you can concentrate on them from beginning to end, without distractions. Learn to enjoy the feeling of being present in every situation. Communicate better and reduce conflicts and misunderstandings. 


Recurring injuries and overtraining can put a toll on the body. Physiotherapy has allowed me to understand the causes and ways in which they can be prevented. I will help you make smarter decisions that are easy to implement. 


If you wish to learn how to be present in your daily life, perform better at work, manage stress, and better your life quality, contact me. I will help you find ways to make life more enjoyable. 


Focus coaching is based on defining your values, ascending physical training, concentration, and presence, as well as various breathing and relaxation exercises.

My passion to exercise body and mind makes me the best at what I do.

by Mikko Laitinen

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