Street workout

Street Workout (SW) is not a new name for outdoor bodyweight training, it is something else. If you have always wanted to learn how to muscle up or how to do a human flag, you have come to the right place!


SW combines body-controlled movements into different dynamical tricks on bars, that can vary in rhythm and degrees of rotation and flips (i.e., 360 degree rotation, double, and triple rotations). In addition, it also combines these with static movements, such as the human flag and other horizontal movements (i.e., frontal planche). The strength and control of the upper and middle body are emphasized in SW. Read more about SW here.


Don’t feel intimidated by the demonstrations of the most advance poses. SW can be practiced by anyone anywhere. That’s what is cool about it! The basic movements start from various types of push-ups, pull ups, dip presses, handstands, and squat variations (including pistol squats). Versatile abdominal muscle exercises are also included (i.e., toes to bar). There are versions of every movement for every level. Remember, strength is developed with time and consistency. 

Learn how your body behaves in order to control and feel progress. No other tools or weights are needed, just your body and your will.

Contact me to map out your current fitness situation, and let’s start practicing together!


by Mikko Laitinen

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