Morning trainings

Morning control – training: body, mind, breath

Take a hold of your day and your life with an energizing morning routine.

Morning trainings are for anyone who is interested in bodyweight exercises and in taking control straight in the morning. Trainings are done in groups and in an excellent and energizing atmosphere, after you can go straight to work, ready for a new day! If you are on holidays, you can start your days early, empowered and with plenty of time to do other fun stuff. 


Various bodyweight exercises are performed during the workouts, that strengthen your body whilst maintaining mobility and flexibility.  Every morning is a different workout! My multidisciplinary background will allow you to slowly incorporate handstands and some acrobatic movements into your exercise routines. (Don’t worry about the level you are starting from, focus on where you want to get.)

After the physical training we go on to training the mind. Morning trainings are complete with swimming and breathing exercises to get you going focused and awake for the day.
By the end of the workout you will enjoy a protein-containing, fresh and fruity smoothie, full of nutrients to keep your machine (body + mind) going.


Note: Do you have any pain or conditions, such as lower back or shoulder pains? Let me know, and take them into consideration when you are working out! Don’t let pain stop you from moving your body and focusing.


Sign up and start your mornings feeling better! 

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

06.00am - 07.15am

Hernesaarenranta 1, 00150 Helsinki.

The location is found between Löyly and Birgitta restaurants. It is an outdoor exercise facility in front of the sea. 

Time and place

by Mikko Laitinen

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Kalevankatu 47 C 38,
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