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Mikko Laitinen

I have always loved physical activity and that has made a big impact on the way I live my life. The hardest obstacle I have faced during my journey came from the combination of injuries and overload, which naturally led to burnout. Even though it has had its toll on me and I have dealt with many obstacles during though competitions, I found my passion for physical exercise and its ability to help other people, that is why I decided to study physiotherapy.  


 As soon as I started my studies I felt the need to develop a method that could help people feel better and recover faster from injuries and lesions. In my opinion, the best combo to achieve this is made up of physiotherapy and personalized training (individual and in small groups). 


Strength has always come (especially during rough times) from my ability to focus. In my experience, outstanding concentration allows humans to perform greatly, it also paves the way for a more enjoyable and more organized way of life. For example, learning how to manage your time can help you lower your stress levels. Focus Prfrmance was born from my wish to share with others my professional abilities and my capability to build mental and physical strength.

Focus! Focus on your goals. Focus your thoughts. Focus your life. Focus!



success stories

"Muscle-motion learning is a process, once you have learned one thing, you can move on to the next. What seemed difficult at first is now almost self-explanatory!"

- Ville 
Bodyweight trainer

by Mikko Laitinen

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